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Making a complaint

We work hard to ensure our Members act within the rules set by the industry regulators.

Please click on the following link and read our Code of Practice. If you think a Member has broken the rules of this Code you can make a complaint by downloading our Complaints Form.

Before making a complaint we would encourage you to carry out the following activities:


  • Go to the Members Directory and check whether the company you wish to complain about is a Member of the CSA. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact us. If the company is a Member of the CSA then we are able to help you with your complaint.
  • On first instance, we recommend you contact the Member company to discuss any issues you have and enquire about their complaints process. If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome then you can review our Complaints Procedure.
  • If you believe that the Member has acted in breach of our Code of Practice and the complaint meets the necessary criteria, please complete, sign and return the Complaint Form to our registered address.

CSA Complaints Procedure

 How we deal with your complaint.

All complaints must be submitted in writing, with a signed complaint form. We require the form to be signed so that we, and our member, have the requisite authorisation to share information.

The following is the sequence of events after the CSA receive a complaint form;

  • CSA receive a signed complaint form
  • CSA register the complaint and send a copy to the relevant member company
  • The member is given eight weeks to respond directly to the complainant
  • CSA get a copy of the response from the member company
  • CSA considers both positions and determines whether the Code of Practice has been breached
  • Appropriate action is taken (if required) to remedy the situation
  • If further information is required the CSA contact the relevant party (the complainant or the member company).
  • After a full review, the CSA provides a formal response to the complainant


If you remain unhappy with the outcome of the complaint, you may have justification to escalate the matter to our our head of compliance, Claire Aynsley,


Please note: The CSA can only intervene when;

  • a member company is in breach of the Code.
  • the company is a member of the CSA (we cannot act when the complaint is about the client of a member company, a bank or building society for example).
  • the information supplied by a member company appears from the facts to be incorrect.

Methods of Contact



Credit Services Association

Complaints Department

2 Esh Plaza

Sir Bobby Robson Way


NE13 9BA


Why the CSA need a signed copy of your complaint


Apprenticeships and the Apprenticeship Levy

The Government has pledged to create three million apprenticeships by 2020 and to enhance the quality of courses available.

The CSA is already creating relevant apprenticeships for Members, offering the potential to build a centre of excellence to support Members’ needs and effectively utilise the levy funding.

The Apprenticeship Levy came into effect from April 2017.

See below for updates and resources regarding the Apprenticeship Levy.

Apprenticeships: Benefits to employers
Apprenticeships: Benefits to the learner

CSA - supporter of National Apprenticeship Week 2018

Learn more

To learn more about Apprenticeships, the Apprenticeship Levy or the CSA's Learning & Development portfolio please email Mark Buckley or call 0191 217 3073.

CSA encourages apprenticeship levy payers to share!

28 March 2018

The Credit Services Association is encouraging members to take note of the latest announcement from the Department for Education regarding the apprenticeship levy.

From April, levy-paying firms will be able to share up to 10% of their levy with any other company or organisation of their choosing. This could be in support of their supply chain, or to support their wider CSR agenda, enabling apprenticeship opportunities for individuals who might not otherwise be funded.

Learn more


CSA Apprenticeship case study: Insure the Box

16 February 2018

Read article


CSA accepted on Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP)

14 March 2017

The Credit Services Association (CSA) is delighted to have been included in the new register of apprenticeship training providers (RoATP) announced on 15 March 2017 and aimed at improving the quality of apprenticeship delivery.

Read statement


The value of training and development to employers

10 March 2017

Read what Delivery Manager Chris Shaw has to say about the benefits of investing in apprenticeships.

The value of training and development to employers


Holly's story

10 March 2017

Apprenticeships can set employees up with the right skills and knowledge to develop a long-term career, and also supplies employers with highly-trained and employable assets. Holly Barber of First Locate successfully completing her apprenticeship two years ago, read her story via the link below.  

Holly's story


Apprenticeships Update webinar

9 March 2017

CSA Head of Learning & Development Fiona Macaskill presented an update on apprenticeships and the Apprenticeship Levy.

View webinar


Companies in Scotland - Apprenticeship Levy update

7 March 2017

We have been asked by a number of our members for clarity around the operation of the Apprenticeship Levy in Scotland. CSA Head of Learning & Development Fiona Macaskill contacted our Financial Services Sector strategic lead at Skills Development Scotland to get the accurate picture.

Read more


Apprenticeship service - register now

16 February 2017

The Department for Education and the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) are encouraging large employers to register for the apprenticeship service ahead of the launch of the Apprenticeship Levy on 6 April 2017.

The apprenticeship service is an online digital system that has been set up to support the Apprenticeship Levy.

The online service allows those employers to financially manage their apprenticeship programme and help them to estimate their financial spend and recruit apprentices through their training providers. 

To register, levy-paying employers should have:

  • their Government Gateway login details for PAYE schemes they want to include
  • the details for each organisation that will be making an agreement with a training provider for apprenticeship training, including Companies House or charity number

Register for the apprenticeship service


Employer agreement for levy-paying employers (annual payroll £3m+)

16 February 2017

The employer agreement sets out the terms for use of the apprenticeship service by the Employer and the obligations by which the Employer agrees to be bound. Members will want make sure that this is reviewed by your own counsel so that you are fully aware of the implications from a levy-paying employer’s perspective.   

Employer agreement


Apprenticeship planning meeting

16 February 2017

An apprenticeship planning meeting was held on 6 February. A copy of the meeting notes and presentation slides can be accessed below. 

Meeting notes

Presentation slides 


Roundup of apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Levy email updates

Levy update

Which 'camp' do you sit in?

Levy update & webinar


Pay Apprenticeship Levy - when you need to pay it 

Technical details regarding making Apprenticeship Levy payments can be viewed on the website. The guidance includes:

  • When you need to pay it
  • How much you need to pay
  • Report how much you owe
  • How to pay

Pay Apprenticeship Levy guidance


Update on the Apprenticeship Levy

An update on the Apprenticeship Levy is now available can be accessed via the link below.

Apprenticeship update - November 2016


Apprenticeships and Apprenticeship Levy update webinar

CSA Head of Learning & Development Fiona Macaskill presented a webinar to update Members on the Apprenticeship Levy. Fiona discussed contents of the apprenticeship update document (see above) and also the following:

  • Preparing for the Levy
  • Who can be funded?
  • What is an apprenticeship?
  • Register of approved apprenticeship providers
  • Funding - how it will work?

View webinar here

Benefits to employers and learners

View our infographics outlining the benefits of apprenticeships to both employers and learners.

Benefits to employers

Benefits to learners


Employer guide to apprenticeships



Apprenticeship Levy - myths & facts



Employer agreement for levy-paying employers (annual payroll £3m+)

The employer agreement sets out the terms for use of the apprenticeship service by the Employer and the obligations by which the Employer agrees to be bound. Members will want make sure that this is reviewed by your own counsel so that you are fully aware of the implications from a levy-paying employer’s perspective.   

Employer agreement


Find an apprenticeship

Search the find an apprenticeship service for apprenticeships in England.

Find an apprenticeship


Estimate apprenticeship funding - online tool

Use this tool to estimate if your organisation will pay the apprenticeship levy, how much your organisation will have available to spend on apprenticeships and how much the government will contribute towards the cost of training.

You’ll need to know your organisation’s annual UK payroll.

Estimate my apprenticeship funding


Apprenticeships and Apprenticeship Levy update - previous webinars


9 March 2017:



15 November 2016:

27 June 2016:


Get In Go Far

Get In Go Far is a campaign promiting the benefits of apprenticeships to young people and employers.

Get In Go Far YouTube channel

Get In Go Far Facebook page

Get In Go Far Instagram

The apprenticeship starts with a detailed discussion with you to align the apprenticeship with your business. The apprenticeship plan will take full account of individual and business needs for appropriate qualifications and training to achieve certification. The training is designed in full partnership with our employers. The training is substantive and comprehensive and delivered by skilled industry professionals to ensure to maximum business impact, relevance, and value.

Apprentices are supported through interactive and engaging experiential workshops, comprehensive study materials, knowledge bank, stimulating e-learning, one-to-one and small group tutorials and coaching face-to-face, online, telephone and video tutorials.


Apprenticeships programme overview


Financial Services - Credit Controller/Collector - Level 2    Brochure

Financial Services - Advanced Credit Controller/Debt Collection Specialist - Level 3    Brochure

Financial Services - Compliance/Risk Officer - Level 3    Brochure

Financial Services - Senior Compliance/Risk Specialist - Level 6    Brochure

Financial Services - Regulatory Compliance Officer - Level 4    Brochure

Leadership and Management - Team Leader/Supervisor - Level 3

Leadership and Management - Operations/Departmental Manager - Level 5


View our apprenticeships flyer


To learn more please contact us.

Are common myths holding back the success of the Apprenticeship Levy?

7 March 2018

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CSA Apprenticeship case study: Insure the Box

16 February 2018

Read article


What 'camp' are you in?

14 February 2017

Guest blog by Mike Thompson, Director of Early Careers, Chair of the Appreniceship Trailblazer Group for Financial Services and a member of the Apprenticeship Delivery Board

Read article


CSA dismiss IFS report as unfair portrayal of new Apprenticeship Levy

6 February 2017

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The value of apprenticeships

Article from CCR Magazine, January 2017 Fiona Macaskill, CSA Head of Learning & Development

Read article


Leveraging the Levy

CSA Head of Learning & Development Fiona Macaskill discusses how firms can turn the Apprenticeship Levy into an investment.

Read more


Blazing the trail

Article from CCR Magazine, August 2016 David Sheridan, CSA Board Director

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The power of people

Article from CCR Magazine, May 2016 Fiona Macaskill, CSA Head of Learning & Development

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The generation game

Article from CCR Magazine, April 2016 David Sheridan, CSA Board Director

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Blazing a trail

Article from CSA review newsletter, October 2015

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During National Apprenticeship Week (5-9 March 2018) #NAW2018 the CSA will keep members up to date with “all things apprenticeships” and the benefits it can bring to your business. We will provide daily email updates with additional content available via our Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Apprenticeships are a ladder of opportunity to a brighter future for employees and are available for all. The benefits apprenticeships bring to businesses are not only proven, but have a hugely positive impact on learners and the wider community.

To learn more see our Contact Us section.

To learn more about apprenticeships please contact us:


Mark Buckley, CSA Head of Sales

t: 0191 217 3073


CSA Twitter account (#NAW2017)

CSA LinkedIn page


General National Apprenticeship Week enquiries