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Making a complaint

We work hard to ensure our Members act within the rules set by the industry regulators.

Please click on the following link and read our Code of Practice. If you think a Member has broken the rules of this Code you can make a complaint by downloading our Complaints Form.

Before making a complaint we would encourage you to carry out the following activities:


  • Go to the Members Directory and check whether the company you wish to complain about is a Member of the CSA. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact us. If the company is a Member of the CSA then we are able to help you with your complaint.
  • On first instance, we recommend you contact the Member company to discuss any issues you have and enquire about their complaints process. If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome then you can review our Complaints Procedure.
  • If you believe that the Member has acted in breach of our Code of Practice and the complaint meets the necessary criteria, please complete, sign and return the Complaint Form to our registered address.

CSA Complaints Procedure

 How we deal with your complaint.

All complaints must be submitted in writing, with a signed complaint form. We require the form to be signed so that we, and our member, have the requisite authorisation to share information.

The following is the sequence of events after the CSA receive a complaint form;

  • CSA receive a signed complaint form
  • CSA register the complaint and send a copy to the relevant member company
  • The member is given eight weeks to respond directly to the complainant
  • CSA get a copy of the response from the member company
  • CSA considers both positions and determines whether the Code of Practice has been breached
  • Appropriate action is taken (if required) to remedy the situation
  • If further information is required the CSA contact the relevant party (the complainant or the member company).
  • After a full review, the CSA provides a formal response to the complainant


If you remain unhappy with the outcome of the complaint, you may have justification to escalate the matter to our our head of compliance, Claire Aynsley,


Please note: The CSA can only intervene when;

  • a member company is in breach of the Code.
  • the company is a member of the CSA (we cannot act when the complaint is about the client of a member company, a bank or building society for example).
  • the information supplied by a member company appears from the facts to be incorrect.

Methods of Contact



Credit Services Association

Complaints Department

2 Esh Plaza

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NE13 9BA


Why the CSA need a signed copy of your complaint




Impact on customers using debt management companies

Members are asked to be aware that some disruption to the availability of debt advice is expected in January 2015 and that a number of customers with existing plans operated by a debt management company, may find themselves without a plan provider.

The authorisation slot for debt management companies (DMCs) is 1st October to 31st December 2014 and we anticipate some hiatus in the market at the end of this period with many customers left without a plan provider.

Members may be aware that the FCA has previously expressed concern about its preliminary findings in the DMC market (criticising in particular the nature of the advice given, fees charged and arrangements for handling client money) and we understand that a number will find that compliance with the ImFCA regime is too great a burden on their business and opt to withdraw from the market when their interim permissions expire on 31st December.

Customers in this scenario will be in a particularly vulnerable situation having taken action to deal with their debts and then losing their plan provider. They are likely to be confused as to how to react and distressed as to whether this will make their position worse. The timing of this hiatus in the market is unfortunate given the stretch on household budgets over the Christmas period.

Customers of affected DMCs will be advised directly by the FCA which will refer them to Money Advice Service along with other providers of free debt advice. The customers will face a period of uncertainty while the FCA resolves the exit of relevant firms and reconciles client money that those firms have collected.

Members are asked to monitor the position of customers and act with forbearance when dealing with any affected by these circumstances. The Money Advice Service has created a leaflet for distribution to affected customers directing them to alternative sources of advice and assistance and we will shortly make this leaflet available on the CSA website for download by members and customers. This will form part of a dedicated help section in our members pages which will be active shortly. The creditor trade bodies including CSA, BBA, UK Cards and FLA are working closely together to ensure a consistent message is delivered to customers.

To assist members with this we will be obtaining at the earliest possible opportunity details from the FCA as to which DMCs are affected and members will be notified by e-mail initially. The FCA will not be able to confirm details of the affected DMCs before 2nd January 2015. Members are advised to contact affected customers to offer review and signpost where necessary to sources of alternative support. CSA will be available to assist members with particular difficulties arising from this situation including support in preparing customer correspondence and asks all members to monitor the situation in the New Year and advise it of any impact and particular concerns.


If you have any questions please contact us.